No Perspective & VIDEO!

If you've followed me anywhere (here, website, YouTube, Instagram) for very long you know I have had a series going since I first started painting titled 'African Women & Children'. The main series has had some sub series - more recently one I've titled 'Squeeze In' - it's where I've packed as many people in the painting as I can. I've been loving that series and have painted a BUNCH of versions.

Over the past month I've started a sub-series from 'Squeeze In'. I'm filling the space with the African people but not paying any attention to perspective! Some people look far away and some are strangely close. I'M OBSESSED right now with painting these. So far I've only played with this series in my sketchbook but I plan to do some larger ones soon from all my sketches.

I also will have a short video coming where I did a unique method for painting them. Here's one of my favorites so far...

It's a double spread in my 'fancy' sketchbook. I first painted a VERY bright pink (you can see the underpainting in the lady's dress to the left and the man's hair at the top. Doing the jewelry and faces were particularly fun.

Here you can see the pink underpainting

Hope you enjoyed the video and seeing a little of my process! More to come! If you don't want to miss any of my videos make sure to subscribe on my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram.

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